Furniture Asset Management

Asset_MGMT_01Furniture Asset Management

Workplace transition and expansion on a large and continuous scale requires detailed processes and state of the art technology for tracking and managing assets that are in storage or in use.


Omni Workspace’s Asset Management Programs provide industry-leading tracking tools and storage capabilities for a wide range of asset management services:


  • Office furniture warehousing
  • Furniture repair or refurbishment
  • Deploy or disposal of inventory


Our convenient web-enabled tracking and management software provides customized reporting and analysis so you can better manage active and inactive assets.


Asset Management Technology & Reporting

Asset_MGMT_02Omni’s asset management software called SnapTracker uses bar code technology to cost effectively capture important information that makes asset management fast, accurate, and more efficient by cataloging furniture assets to capture strategic metrics such as:


  • Cost Containment
  • Inventory Control
  • Maintenance and Move Records
  • Financial Reporting



SnapTracker’s asset management reporting capabilities allow you to manage your furniture assets with data-based decisions.

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